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Fabric Hardner

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Black Powertex 1kg - Powertex

Black Powertex 1kg - Powertex£16.00

Blue Powertex 500g - Powertex

Blue Powertex 500g - Powertex£12.49

Bronze Powertex 1kg - Powertex

Bronze Powertex 1kg - Powertex£16.00

Bronze Powertex 500g - Powertex

Bronze Powertex 500g - Powertex£11.75

Green Powertex 500g - Powertex

Green Powertex 500g - Powertex£12.49

Grey Powertex 500g - Powertex

Grey Powertex 500g - Powertex£11.75

Ivory Powertex 1kg - Powertex

Ivory Powertex 1kg - Powertex£16.00

Ivory Powertex 500g - Powertex

Ivory Powertex 500g - Powertex£11.75

Terracotta Powertex 1kg - Powertex

Terracotta Powertex 1kg - Powertex£16.00

Terracotta Powertex 500g - Powertex

Terracotta Powertex 500g - Powertex£12.49

Transparent Powertex 1kg - Powertex

Transparent Powertex 1kg - Powertex£14.50

Transparent Powertex 500g - Powertex

Transparent Powertex 500g - Powertex£10.00

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Page 1 of 2:    13 Items
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